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Lastest Fcitx Wrapper Version 0.1.1
Dependency anthy
Written In C++
For Japanese
License GPL
Website http://github.com/fcitx/fcitx-anthy/


Anthy is the open source Japanese Input method engine library. Though anthy is not being developed actively, there are still quite a lot of people use it. fcitx-anthy is ported from scim-anthy.


  • Switch input mode: you can rotate all input modes by pressing Control+comma
  • Input Japanese hiragana and katakana: You can input Japanese hiragana and katakana by inputting romaji. If you want to hiragana and katakana directly by using Japanese keyboard, please press Alt + Romaji key or Conrol+/ key to switch typing method.
  • Convert hiragana or katakana to Japanese kanji: After inputting hiragana or katakana, you can convert it to Japanese kanji by pressing Space key. Then it will show some candidates. You can select a next candidate by pressing Space key, and can commit it by pressing Enter key. If you input a sentense, Anthy will split it to some segments. You can select a next or previous segment by pressing left or right cursor key, and can extend or shrink the selected segment by pressing Shift + left or right cursor key.