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Version 4.2.1
Written In C
License GPLv2
Type Module


Autoeng is a module that can switch Fcitx to a temporary english mode, currently it's used with most Chinese input method.


There are two ways to trigger autoeng mode.

  • Enter a upper case character.
  • Enter a character and the Raw buffer is matched with a string in the list.

The string list is placed under data/AutoEng.dat. By default it contains string such as "www.". For example, when you are typing "www.", and currently it's in Pinyin, it will trigger the autoeng mode.

Disable it from code

If your input method is conflicts with this function, you can use

   boolean flag = false;
   FcitxInstanceSetContext(inst, CONTEXT_DISABLE_AUTOENG, &flag);

in your input method Init function.