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Written In C
For Chinese
License GPLv2
Website http://code.google.com/p/fcitx


Pinyin built-in fcitx is a simple Chinese Pinyin input method, which is based on Forward Maximum Match algorithm.


It use a quite simple algorithm and load all data into memory, so it has the fastest speed among all Fcitx Pinyin Input Method. And it's the only pinyin input method can record Cloudpinyin candidate word into data, due to its simple algorithm.

  • Fuzzy Pinyin
  • Double Pinyin
  • Place specified single character at head. (Add: Ctrl+8 and Delete: Ctrl+7)
  • Type character by word (By default, it's [ and ])
  • Word deletion (Ctrl+Delete)
  • Multiple word library
  • ng/gn auto correction
  • Remind next phrase