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| programming language    = C
| programming language    = C
| license                = GPLv2
| license                = GPLv2
| type                    = [[Special:myLanguage/User Interface]]
| type                    = [[Special:myLanguage/User Interface|User Interface]]

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Other languages:
Classic UI
Version 4.2.1
Dependency Cairo, Pango, Xlib
Written In C
License GPLv2
Type User Interface


Classic UI is a Xlib-based user interface, use Cairo and Pango for font rendering and png support.


  • Skin/Theme support
  • Tray Icon support
  • Real-Alpha

Package Theme for Classic UI

A skin/theme is basically a tar.gz tarball. Simply create a tarball for it, and then rename it with .fskin, in order to make it can be installed by directly open it.

Online theme

Theme can be uploaded and downloaded from www.kde-look.org or you can use [Special:myLanguage/Kcm|KDE Config Module] to download it or manage it.