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Version 0.2.0
Dependency fbterm
Written In C
License GPLv2
Website http://github.com/fcitx/fcitx-fbterm


Let you use fcitx under fbterm.

This wiki page is written for fcitx-fbterm 0.2.0 or higher.


In order to make fbterm can use input method.

sudo setcap 'cap_sys_tty_config+ep' /usr/bin/fbterm # required to let fbterm get key-sequence

And add your account to video group with (use ls -l /dev/fb0 to check the user group):

sudo gpasswd -a <your username> video

or (it's NOT safe because it sets setuid.)

sudo chmod u+s /usr/bin/fbterm

Notice, if you don't use KMS (Kernel mode settings, in other words, open source display driver), you must start fbterm with root.

When fcitx is already running under X

For example, if your X is :0 (this is the default case for desktop user).

You can use


To start fbterm. If your display is not 0, for example, it's running as :1, you can use

fcitx-fbterm-helper -d 1

to override it.

If there is no error, then everything should work, one additional thing you need pay attention is, fbterm hardcodes Ctrl+Space as input method trigger key, this is not controlled by fcitx and not changable.

Without X or have some problem

fcitx-fbterm-helper -l

It will launch new fcitx. And fcitx will be killed when fbterm ends.

If there is already a fcitx running, fcitx-fbterm-helper will refuse to work, you can use

killall fcitx

to kill existing fcitx.


If you meet some trouble about keyboard not reaction, screen artifacts, you can first try Ctrl+Alt+E (force fbterm to exit), if this doesn't work and you have enabled magic key (sysctl, kernel.sysrq = 1), you can try only sysrq + r (not the full reisub!), this will force keyboard input to forward to kernel, then you can switch between tty.