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==== News ====
==== News ====
<rss max=4 highlight="community wiki foundation">https://groups.google.com/forum/feed/fcitx-announce/topics/rss.xml?num=5</rss>
<rss max=4 highlight="community wiki foundation">http://feeds.feedburner.com/Fcitx-announce</rss>
== Help Fcitx ==
== Help Fcitx ==

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Fcitx [ˈfaɪtɪks] is an input method framework with extension support. Currently it supports Linux and Unix systems like freebsd. Fcitx supports typing with many languages all over the world with a large number of engines.

Fcitx has a slim core while provides powerful features with addons. It is easy to customize fcitx to satisfy your own needs.

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Moving IRC to libera.chat
Hi all, As you might already know about what happened recently to freenode, we'll move our IRC channel to libera.chat. The channel name is also #fcitx and the telegram group will be kept bridg...
Fcitx 5.0.8 is now avaiable
Hi all, This is gonna be a small release with mostly only bug fixes. Some highlights are: Fcitx 5.0.8 Fix key repeating with wayland input method protocol Workaround SNI gnome extension for "e...
Fcitx 5.0.6 is now available
Hi all, Here comes a new release to Fcitx 5. There are not too many new features in this release, most of them are bug fixing. The most important new features are: 1. Use fixed line height in class...
Fcitx 5.0.5 is now available.
Hi all, Due to I found a semi-critical (don't worry if you're using X11) bug when running under wayland, I decided to mark a new release earlier than the plan. But still, this release sti...

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