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Fcitx [ˈfaɪtɪks] is an input method framework with extension support. Currently it supports Linux and Unix systems like freebsd. Fcitx supports typing with many languages all over the world with a large number of engines.

Fcitx has a slim core while provides powerful features with addons. It is easy to customize fcitx to satisfy your own needs.

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Fcitx 5.0.13
Hi all, Sorry for the inconvenience. This is just a small hotfix release that tends to fix a crash
fcitx-qt5 1.2.7 for Qt6 support
Hi all, Though we don't have any active development in fcitx4, we still rarely provide some
Fcitx 5.0.12 is now available
Hi all, Happy new year! There isn't much feature wise change since 5.0.11. The changes are mainly
Fcitx 5.0.11 now available
In this version, while we still focus on bug fixing, there are also new features. Enjoy typing!
Fcitx 5.0.10 is now available
Hi all, We'd like to release a new bundle of fcitx packages. This is almost exactly 1 year since

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