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==== For Developers ====
==== For Developers ====
* [[Special:myLanguage/Compiling fcitx5|Compiling fcitx5]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Compiling fcitx5|如何编译 fcitx5]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Basic concept|Basic concept]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Basic concept|基本概念]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Develop an simple input method|Develop an simple input method]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Develop an simple input method|如何开发一个简单的输入法]]
==== 新闻 ====
==== 新闻 ====

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小企鹅输入法(Fcitx [ˈfaɪtɪks])是一个支持扩展的输入法框架。目前,它支持Linux操作系统,以及如freebsd这样的Unix操作系统。Fcitx 通过使用各种各样的输入法引擎来支持全世界大量不同种类的语言。


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fcitx5 5.1.1
See more information about libime data format change (ZSTD compression) in https://groups.google.com/
Fcitx 5 5.1.0
Uploaded libime 1.1.1 with a fix for user pinyin parsing. On Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 7:25 PM Weng
Fcitx 5 flatpak package will use its own flatpak data directory
Hi all, Right now, org.fcitx.Fcitx5 shares the data directory just like the host regular fcitx5. Per
Fcitx 5.0.23
Hi all, Sorry for the inconvenience, but I decided to do a hotfix release for 5.0.22 that introduced
Fcitx 5.0.22
Upload a re-spin in fcitx5-5.0.22 to fix a issue related to key event issue from chrome/chromium. On

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