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* [[Special:myLanguage/Develop an simple input method|Develop an simple input method]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Develop an simple input method|Develop an simple input method]]
==== News ====
==== 新闻 ====
<rss max=5>https://politepol.com/fd/hhM5BOjZLblk</rss>
<rss max=5>https://politepol.com/fd/hhM5BOjZLblk</rss>

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Fcitx [ˈfaɪtɪks] is an input method framework with extension support. Currently it supports Linux and Unix systems like freebsd. Fcitx supports typing with many languages all over the world with a large number of engines.

Fcitx has a slim core while provides powerful features with addons. It is easy to customize fcitx to satisfy your own needs.

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Fcitx 5.0.18
Hi all, Fcitx 5.0.18 and other fcitx5 updates are now available on download.fcitx-im.org. In this
Fcitx 5.0.17
Hi all, It's not so far before the last release, but I decided to have a set of updates for some
Fcitx 5.0.16 is now available
Hi all, Please find the highlights in this batch of updates below. The release contains lots of bug
Fcitx 5.0.15
Hi all, It has been a while. In this release we have some important bugfixing for fcitx5, for
Fcitx 5.0.14 is now available
Hi all, This is mainly a bug fixing / translation update release. Kudos to the new translators! Also

如何帮助 Fcitx