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Fcitx is oriented from a project named gWubi, which is created by Yuking. Yuking is a Wubi user himself, so there was only wubi support of Fcitx at First.

At the beginning, gWubi doesn't use SCM to control the source code, so the early code history can be only found from the old tarball. Zhoushuqun is still hosting a mirror of all source tarball for Fcitx, which can be downloaded here.

Zhoushuqun add initial fcitx commit record on Google code's subversion, which is barely only source of tarball. When Yuking restarted Fcitx development, he also started to use Google Code, so this Google code repository become real official site.

Fcitx's source control moves from Subversion, and Mercurial, and finally to Git. Since Google Code is not the best site for Git, CSSlayer decides to use github.com for all future Fcitx development.

Name story of Fcitx

The old full name of Fcitx is "Free Chinese Input Tool of X". This concept couldn't fit Fcitx future development and might bring misunderstanding, since Chinese is not the only object of Fcitx, so CSSlayer start a rename discussion on fcitx-dev Google groups, to keep the Fcitx as name but use a different full name.

At the same time, there were some others raised complain about Fcitx cannot be pronounced, so [ˈfaɪtɪks] was decided to be the offical pronounce, and still, "小企鹅输入法" will be the offical Chinese name, though the Chinese name have nothing to do with Any full name by meaning, it only comes from the penguin logo.

So there will be no single official full name of Fcitx, but you can take any name below, in order to reflect all aspects of Fcitx.

  • Flexible Context-aware Input Tool with eXtension
  • FanCy Input Tool for *niX
  • Forthcoming CJK Input Toy Xtreme
  • Free Character Input Toy of *niX
  • Fcitx Can Input Text in *niX


There was some criticism on Fcitx code quality and coding style, which was a prelude for Yuking stopping Fcitx development. Yuking restarted the development since 2008.10.8.

For more details you can check the link at the end of this page.

Release history

Most date comes from the source tarball, so it might not be accurate.

Name Version Date
gWubi 0.1 2002.2.26
gWubi 0.2 2002.4.4
gWubi 0.3 2002.4.27
gWubi 1.0 2002.8.28 including Pinyin and QuWei support.
gWubi 1.6 2002.11.19
fcitx 1.7 2003.1.16
fcitx 1.8.2 2003.3.14
fcitx 1.8.3 2003.4.11
fcitx 1.8.4 2003.4.17
fcitx 1.8.5 2003.5.19
fcitx 2.0.0pr1 2003.10.10
fcitx 2.0.0pr2 2003.11.14
fcitx 2.0.0pr3 2003.11.19
fcitx 2.0.0pr4 2003.12.16
fcitx 2.0.0pr5 2003.12.22
fcitx 2.0.0pr6 2003.12.23
fcitx 2.0.0pr7 2003.12.24
fcitx 2.0.0pr7.1 2003.12.26
fcitx 2.0.0pr8 2003.12.30
fcitx 2.0 2004.1.7
fcitx 2.0.1 2004.1.9
fcitx 2.0.2 2004.5.5
fcitx 2.1.0rc 2004.5.21
fcitx 3.0.0 test1 2004.6.4
fcitx 3.0.0 test2 2004.6.18
fcitx 3.0.0 test3 2004.6.29
fcitx 3.0.0 test4 2004.7.1
fcitx 3.0.0 rc 2004.7.8
fcitx 3.0.0 rc2 2004.7.15
fcitx 3.0.0 2004.9.6
fcitx 3.0.1 2004.9.19
fcitx 3.0.2 2004.10.20
fcitx 3.0.3 2004.12.10
fcitx 3.0.4 2005.1.27
fcitx 3.1 2005.2.26
fcitx 3.1.1 2005.3.24
fcitx 3.2 2006.6.7
fcitx 3.2.1 2006.6.23
fcitx 3.3 2006.8.18
fcitx 3.3.1 2006.8.31
fcitx 3.4 2006.9.21
fcitx 3.4.1 2006.11.2
fcitx 3.4.2 2006.12.2
fcitx 3.5 BlackFri 2007.7.13
fcitx 3.6rc 2009.1.6
fcitx 3.6 2009.7.5
fcitx 3.6.1 2009.9.14
fcitx 3.6.2 2009.10.8
fcitx 3.6.3 2010.2.12
fcitx 4.0rc1 2010.11.9
fcitx 3.6.4 2010.11.18
fcitx 4.0.0 2010.11.18
fcitx 4.0.1 2010.12.17
fcitx 4.1.0 2011.9.3
fcitx 4.1.1 2011.9.9
fcitx 4.1.2 2011.10.2
fcitx 4.2.0 2012.2.3
fcitx 4.2.1 2012.3.9

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