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[[Special:myLanguage/Install (Ubuntu)|安装 (Ubuntu)]]
[[Special:myLanguage/Install (Ubuntu)|安装 (Ubuntu)]]
[[Special:myLanguage/Configure (Ubuntu)|Configure (Ubuntu)]]
[[Special:myLanguage/Configure (Ubuntu)|配置 (Ubuntu)]]
== Debian ==
== Debian ==

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Info: We're sorry about we cannot provide information of those old version of distribution. The problem is, they might not have up to date Fcitx, which is not supported anymore, and the configuration method might change. And we won't provide any help information for third-party repository problem, because the third-party package might mess things up or missing specific configuration on specific distribution, and might not keep update to date version of Fcitx. As Fcitx developer, we are trying our best to work with common distribution packager, and make sure we notfiy every necessary change to those packager. So install from offical repo is the easiest and safest way.

Info: 除了其他发行版之外的内容都假定你是从官方源安装fcitx。如果你是自己下载源码编译安装fcitx,你应当查看其他发行版下的内容并按其进行配置。


Note for GNOME Later than 3.6


安装 (Ubuntu)

配置 (Ubuntu)


Install (Debian)

Configure (Debian)


Install (Fedora)

Configure (Fedora)


Install (OpenSUSE)

Configure (OpenSUSE)


Install (Gentoo)

Configure (Gentoo)

Arch Linux

Refer to ArchWiki

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