Problem need to be settled in 4.3

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Here we list some problem which can not be done for Fcitx 4.2, due to binary compatible and API compatible.

Rule: Something looks like reinvent the wheel, but actually it's avoid external breakage.

  • Main loop module should not use fd_set, in order to make it be able to change the underlying system to epoll or any other things.
  • FcitxHotkey should not be a array of 2, with ability to make it have more than one hotkey
  • Deprecated GetOutString, Use FcitxInstanceCommitString instead.
  • Deprecated GetRawInputString, maybe this should belong to input method.
  • Merge FcitxInstance and FcitxInputState.
  • Maybe we need a event based system to merge both "hook", "context", "timeout".
    • DBus Maybe need to have ability to extend event system?
  • Move FcitxConfigFile away from file system related interface.
    • Certainly we will never go with gconf/dconf, they are so messy and fcitx will never use glib.
  • Better test driven develop. Target is we can test everything that being added.
  • make use of macro_optional_add_subdirectory and macro_optional_find_package