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== Input method cannot be used ==
== Input method cannot be used ==
'''PLEASE''' read [[Special:myLanguage/FAQ|FAQ]] first. You usually don't have a real bug.
'''''' 先阅读 [[Special:myLanguage/FAQ|FAQ]]。往往您遇到不是真正的bug。
== Crash related bug ==
== Crash related bug ==

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您可以到问题列表这里报告漏洞, 不过还请您先阅读注意事项,或者您也可以先看看FAQ


Input method cannot be used

先阅读 FAQ。往往您遇到不是真正的bug。

Crash related bug

Please also attach your ~/.config/fcitx/log/crash.log. And please make sure whether you can reproduce it or not. If you can reproduce it, please try remove your ~/.config/fcitx/, and other related data and try again, if not, please also attach your ~/.config/fcitx.

Feature request

Some people might have some random ideas, but as developer we might not think it's useful, or it might bring more mess than an useful function. You can try develop it yourself. Think about it before you really ask.

By the way, the both fcitx and fcitx-dev maillist is also welcome for discussion, you can get your idea verified by developer and then submit it to issue list in order to make sure it won't be forgotten.