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 h English (en)== Configuration ==
In this section, the script will check all the addons and versions. The version field is added in recent fcitx 5 version, so you might not see the version field. It is possible that you accidentally disabled certain addons. You may check the output from here. Also, another common reason of "cannot use input method" is that no input method is added to your configuration. In fcitx 4, newly installed engine will be automatically added to the list, this behavior was changed and does not apply anymore. Also, pinyin/table is now in a separate package fcitx5-chinese-addons instead of integrated in the main package like fcitx 4. While on the first run, fcitx 5 may add input method 
based on your locale, it is likely that you don't have the corresponding engine package installed in the first place. For those reasons, you may not have the engine you need in the list and you will need to add them yourself.