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 h English (en)* [[Special:myLanguage/Compiling fcitx5|Compiling fcitx5]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Basic concept|Basic concept]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Develop an simple input method|Develop an simple input method]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Q&A for developer|Q&A for developer]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Debug fcitx5|Debug fcitx5]]
 h Chinese (China) (zh-cn)* [[Special:myLanguage/Compiling fcitx5|如何编译 fcitx5]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Basic concept|基本概念]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Develop an simple input method|如何开发一个简单的输入法]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Q&A for developer|开发者常见问题与解答]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Debug fcitx5|调试 fcitx5]]