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 h English (en){{info|We're sorry about we cannot provide information of those old version of distribution. The problem is, they might not have up to date Fcitx, which is not supported anymore, and the configuration method might change. And we won't provide any help information for third-party repository problem, because the third-party package might mess things up or missing specific configuration on specific distribution, and might not keep update to date version of Fcitx. As Fcitx developer, we are trying our best to work with common distribution packager, and make sure we notfiy every necessary change to those packager. So install from offical repo is the easiest and safest way.}}
 h Simplified Chinese (zh-hans){info|很抱歉我们并不能提供老版本的发行版的信息的支持。问题在于,他们可能并没有提供最新的Fcitx,而老版本的Fcitx则不受到我们的支持,而且配置方法可能会改变。并且我们不会提供针对任何第三方源问题的支持,因为这些第三方的软件包可能并没有特定发行版所必须的配置,而且可能并不会保持更新。作为Fcitx的开发者,我们会尽最大努力和常见发行版的打包者们合作,保证我们的每个变更都能通知到打包者。因此从官方源安装Fcitx是最简便和安全的。}}