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 h English (en)= Kimpanel =
This is a DBus based interface based user interface that is generic to the input method framework. There are multiple implementations available for different desktop environment.
* Kimpanel plasmoid, available within KDE Plasma 5's plasma-desktop package. 
* GNOME Extensions, available at []. Maintained by [[User:Weng Xuetian]] on [ github].
* Kimtoy, a third part standalone program.
 h Chinese (China) (zh-cn)= Kim面板 =
这是一个基于 DBus 接口的用户界面,在输入法框架中通用。有多种实现可以用于不同的桌面环境。
* Kimpanel plasmoid, 包含在KDE Plasma5桌面环境的plasma-desktop软件包。
* GNOME扩展,可以在[]中可以找到的。由 [[User:Weng Xuetian]]在 [ github]维护.
* Kimtoy, 一个第三方的独立程序。