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 h English (en)Due to the nature of the complex situation between Wayland and input method, Kimpanel may not be used under native wayland program for Gtk/Qt when using Fcitx's input method modules under non-GNOME environment. This is mainly because, as a GNOME extension, kimpanel is able to get window information and move window around freely. Same does not apply to other Kimpanel implementations. Having the window in the right position is much more important than appearance, so kimpanel is not used and the client side input panel will be used under such environment.
 h Chinese (China) (zh-cn)因为Wayland和输入法之间复杂情况的问题,在非GNOME环境下使用Fcitx的输入法模块时,Kimpanel可能无法在Gtk/Qt的原生wayland程序下使用。 这主要是因为kimpanel作为 GNOME 扩展,能够获取窗口信息并自由移动窗口。 同样的情况并不适用于其他 Kimpanel 实现。 将窗口放在正确的位置比外观重要得多,因此在这种环境下不能使用 kimpanel,而是使用客户端输入面板。