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[[Category:Input Method]]
[[Category:Input Method]]
[[Category:Simplified Chinese Input Method]]
[[Category:Chinese Input Method]]
[[Category:Chinese Input Method]]
[[Category:Pinyin Input Method]]

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Lastest Fcitx Wrapper Version 4.2.1
Written In C
For Chinese
License GPLv2
Website http://code.google.com/p/fcitx


Table is a collection of Table-based input method, such as Wubi.


  • Auto generate phrase based on rule.
  • Display custom character instead of English character as Code, used by Cangjie.
  • Add/delete phrase (Ctrl+8, Ctrl+7)
  • Temporary Pinyin mode provided by Built-in Pinyin.
  • Mixed pinyin and table code.
  • Code hint.
  • Remind phrase

Supported Table input method



Third party