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Tool to use

IDE: kdevelop newer than 4.5.

Build system: CMake newer than 2.8.

Fcitx library and headers: newer than 4.2.7.

The reason why I choose kdevelop here is it supports cmake, and has great template system you can easily use.

Step by step

  • Create new project


  • Download fcitx template with KDevelop



  • Select fcitx as type, type your project name, as for project name, you'd better make first character in upper case, due to some kdevelop template limitation.


  • If you want to use this with your system, change the prefix to "/usr" (or any other custom prefix you're using)


  • Let's build it!


  • Should be successfully built (check cmake output at the bottom)


What to do next?

Read the comments to make sure you understand the project structure, and you may need some basic knowledge about cmake.

Read some other simple project to understand what can be done with Fcitx.

Some easy place to start with:

See also

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