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 h English (en)* [[Special:myLanguage/Install And Configure|Install And Configure]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Install input method|Install input method]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Use Fcitx's Addon|Use Fcitx's Addon]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Integrate with Desktop|Integrate with Desktop]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/Compile from source|Compile from source]]
* [[Special:myLanguage/FAQ|FAQ]]
* [ Download Source Code]
 h Simplified Chinese (zh-hans)* [[Special:myLanguage/Install and Configure|安装和配置]] 
* [[Special:myLanguage/Install input method|安装输入法]] 
* [[Special:myLanguage/Use Fcitx's Addon|使用Fcitx的附加组件]] 
* [[Special:myLanguage/Integrate with Desktop|与桌面集成]] 
* [[Special:myLanguage/Compile from source|从源码编译]] 
* [[Special:myLanguage/FAQ|常见问题]] 
* [ 下载源代码]