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Greeting! This is a wiki for users, developers and other contributors of Fcitx. If you want to contribute to the wiki, welcome!

You can easily contribute it by writing or editing pages.

Register an account

First you don't need an account to download anything, including source code and pre-built pacakges. The only thing when you need this account is to update wiki.

Why do you need yet another account? This wiki is protected because nowadays spam is so... powerful, thus you need to request an account. Please send an email to fcitx [at] to notify us.

There is a section on register page, which need to have a self introduction up to 50 words, you need NOT to bother that, just fill it with 50 random ENGLISH words is ok. The only quick way to let your account to be passed is to send a email to mail list and say "hey I need an account, please review".

Notice we are not specialist about website security, so please don't leave your important message here, the important communication is protected by https.

Wiki markup

Wiki markup is the syntax to write wiki. Mastering it is not an easy task but you can just use some basic skills. You can learn how to use Wiki markup from this Wikipedia page.

Use template

There is already some template for Fcitx addon and input method, please use them. You can check Pinyin or Cloudpinyin as an example.


You need to be a translator to use the translate tool, please communicate with fcitx-dev on Google Group.