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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

For all donation, we will only list the date and the amount Donation history here, for privacy.

All Fcitx developers are using their spare time to develop Fcitx. So some money will be a great encourage for them.

Currently, we don't have a concentrated account to raise money, so the only way to donate to Fcitx is to donate to individual developer.

All developers please feel free to add your name here. To protect the privacy, all E-mail address should not be shown directly. If you want to find E-mail account which is not listed here, you can also use your Google account to browse [Fcitx Google Code Homepage], and click on individual developer and contributor on the page, and you can easily find their email account.

Since some other development is happening on github, you could also simply clone the code, and see the email account record by git at [Fcitx Github Organization]



Check this page on my personal blog: [1]

Due to privacy, I don't list your name here by default, if you want to, please contact me.


2012.7.23: 20$

2012.7.21: 50$

2012.7.21: 10$

2012.7.21: 20$


2013.5.6 100¥

2013.4.9 30¥

2012.11.14 200¥

2012.10.28 18.88¥

2012.8.5 39¥

2012.7.29: 10¥

2012.7.25: 100¥

2012.7.23: 613¥

2012.7.23: 100¥

2012.7.23: 400¥

2012.7.22: 100¥

2012.7.21: 100¥

2012.7.6: 20¥

2012.4.27: 12.04¥

2012.4.1: 50¥

2011.12.7: 100¥