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After installing new input methods packages, launch fcitx5-configtool from command or tray menu. There should be a message with button that allows to reload or restart Fcitx 5 to make new input method engines ready to use. This only applies to non-flatpak Fcitx 5.

For older flatpak version, you will need to restart manually. The restart function in Flatpak-based fcitx 5 will not reload the sandbox, thus new extension package will still not be visible. You must fully quit Fcitx and launch a new instance to make it load the new flatpak extension package.

Since 5.0.16, "restart" will be able to launch a new updated flatpak version, just like the regular one.


  • fcitx5-chinese-addons. It includes most common input methods used by Simplified Chinese including engines for Pinyin and Table (Wubi, etc).
  • fcitx5-table-extra. Additional Chinese Table
  • fcitx5-chewing. Chewing engine based on libchewing.
  • fcitx5-zhuyin. Zhuyin input method engine based on libzhuyin.
  • fcitx5-rime. A customizable input method, but by default its default configuration will be pinyin.






Multilingual (If it is not listed above, this is probably what you need)

  • fcitx5-m17n
  • fcitx5-keyman
  • fcitx5-table-other, it provides lots of other tables, but suggested to prefer to fcitx5-m17n if that works for you.
  • Builtin keyboard layout based engine. This allows you to use traditional keyboard layout.