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Where is my data?

Almost all Fcitx 4 data are stored under ~/.config/fcitx.

For Fcitx 5, the paths follow more closely to XDG standard, which are ~/.local/share/fcitx5 and ~/.config/fcitx5.

Specifically, Rime data was located at ~/.config/fcitx/rime with Fcitx 4, while it is ~/.local/share/fcitx5/rime in Fcitx 5.

What package do I need to install?

The distribution may have there own way to split package, I'll only talk about it on the source package how they mapped.

Fcitx 4 Fcitx 5
fcitx fcitx5, fcitx5-gtk (Gtk IM Module), fcitx5-qt (Qt IM Module), fcitx5-chinese-addons (Pinyin & Table)
fcitx-qt5 fcitx5-qt
fcitx-configtool fcitx5-configtool
kcm-fcitx fcitx5-configtool
fcitx-anthy fcitx5-anthy
fcitx-chewing fcitx5-chewing
fcitx-cloudpinyin fcitx5-chinese-addons
fcitx-fbterm fcitx5-fbterm
fcitx-hangul fcitx5-hangul
fcitx-kkc fcitx5-kkc
fcitx-libpinyin Please use fcitx5-chinese-addons Pinyin instead.
fcitx-m17n fcitx5-m17n
fcitx-rime fcitx5-rime
fcitx-sayura fcitx5-sayura
fcitx-skk fcitx5-skk
fcitx-sunpinyin Please use fcitx5-chinese-addons Pinyin instead.
fcitx-table-extra fcitx5-table-extra
fcitx-table-other fcitx5-table-other
fcitx-unikey fcitx5-unikey
fcitx-zhuyin fcitx5-zhuyin

Can I keep my old data?

You'll need to reconfigure the input method list, migrating configuration file is not supported.

Certain engine does not store the data in fcitx's path, so they can be reused directly, e.g. Mozc, Anthy.

There are certain data can be migrated. fcitx5-migrator in fcitx5-configtool will help you do that. The supported Engine includes Pinyin, Rime, Table, SKK, KKC.