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When you want to complain about input method cannot work correctly, please read this first.

Hall of Shame for Linux IME Support


When use Ctrl + Space, Fcitx cannot be triggered on

1. Check the application you want to type.

  • Is it only one app have problem?
    • The most possible reason for this is Ctrl+Space occupied by some hotkey, please change to another trigger key and try again.
  • Is it all Gtk App have problem?
    • Please open a traditional Gtk App (traditional means, it cannot be Firefox, Libreoffice, which only use Gtk as a UI style). Gedit is a good choice. Right click at the input box, there will be a menu named "Input Method", please make sure there is "Fcitx" in it and being choosed.
    • If there is "Fcitx", but it still not works. Please try to restart Fcitx, if it will works at this time, please check your DBus settings, or make Fcitx start later. You can read Configure (Other) if you're using a custom startup script.
    • If there is Fcitx but not being choosed by default, and please select it and you can immediately try again in this app. If not works, please read the entry above. For permanent fix (To use Fcitx by default), please read Configure part in Beginner's Guide.
    • If there is no Fcitx, you should check your install first. Usually, the package name contains fcitx and gtk. If you compile fcitx from source, please make sure you have enable GTK{2,3}_IM_MODULE option. If you're sure about this, please read Input method related environment variables for how to update some cached file for gtk.
  • Is it all Qt App have problem?
    • Run qtconfig (might have different name on your distribution), and go to the third tab, make sure fcitx is in the "Default Input Method" combo-box. If not, please check your install.
  • Above solution can be also applied if you want use XIM, but still we highly recommend you to use im module.

Problem in Firefox and Google Docs

You might want to toggle preedit off temporarily, which is Ctrl+Alt+P.

Cannot use Fcitx in flash

Please read Hall of Shame for Linux IME Support, and use im module.

Classic UI is not transparent

  • Restart Fcitx first, if it's ok then, it might be a bug in your Window manager. Gnome-Shell, xcompmgr is known to have this bug. You can try to set the delay start to walkaround this problem.
  • If restart Fcitx doesn't solve this problem, you should check whether your window manager supports composite or it's enabled or not.


Enable desktop effects.

Metacity before GNOME3

gconftool-2 -s --type bool /apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager true


Xfwm support composite, but need to be enabled by hand.


0.9 series compiz can disable composite. You can use ccsm to configure it.

Other window manager

You can use xcompmgr, cairo-compmgr as composite manager for them.