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Quick Phrase
Version 4.2.7
Written In C
License GPLv2
Type Module


Quick Phrase provides a mode triggered by hot key. It can be used as a temporary mode for type English (with spell hint provided by the fcitx-spell module), as well as a Table input method which reads from a configuration file.



在一些中文输入法中,由于历史原因触发键为分号,如果你想全局使用它,您最好修改您的配置。这个额外的快捷键可以在任意输入法中使用。但是因为快捷键经常会被其他程序占用,fcitx 在添加默认全局快捷键时比较谨慎,一个您可以考虑的备选为 Super+反引号 (`)。


The file is a UTF-8 text file under ~/.config/fcitx/data/QuickPhrase.mb, if there is no such file or parent directory, create a new one (and necessary parent directory) yourself.


Here is an example file for Quick Phrase, contains some Emoji and LaTeX style method to type symbol.

Browse here for more example Category:QuickPhrase.

smile (・∀・)
kira (ゝ∀・)
angry ( ̄ー ̄)
angry ヽ(`д´)ノ
cry (つД`)
shock (°Д°)
satisfy ( ̄ˇ ̄)
eeee 诶诶诶诶(((( ;°д°))))诶诶
frac14 ¼
frac12 ½
frac34 ¾
frac13 ⅓
frac23 ⅔
frac15 ⅕
frac25 ⅖
frac35 ⅗
frac45 ⅘
frac16 ⅙
frac56 ⅚
frac58 ⅝
frac78 ⅞

Disable it from code

If you find quickphrase conflict with your input method, you can use

boolean flag = false;
FcitxInstanceSetContext(inst, CONTEXT_DISABLE_QUICKPHRASE, &flag);

in your input method Init function.