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Version 4.2.7
Written In C
License GPLv2
Type Module


Clipboard provides selection / clipboard access (with clipboard history) for fcitx modules. It also provides a mode that can be used to enter recorded clipboard / selection content.


Clipboard mode

Use the hotkey (<Ctrl + ;> by default) to activate clipboard mode. The saved clipboard content will be shown in the candidate list. You can use either number key to select the one you want to enter or use <Tab> and <Shift + Tab> to choose a candidate word and use <Space> to enter.

In another module

Include the generated `module/fcitx-clipboard.h` header and use either FcitxClipboardGetPrimarySelection or FcitxClipboardGetClipboardHistory to access selection or clipboard history.


Setting clipboard

The current version (4.2.7) cannot change the content of system clipboard and therefore cannot be used as a clipboard manager either.

Newline in clipboard content

Some client may not support input string from input method with new line inside. This may cause strange behavior in some editors (that provide auto indent or treat newline special), missing new line in the content (e.g. gedit), or crash in some special condition (e.g. chromium url bar, not always happen). Use with caution.