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Lastest Fcitx Wrapper Version 0.1.1
Dependency Enchant, libxkbfile, libicu, libxml2, iso-codes
Written In C
For Keyboard layout based language
License GPLv2


Keyboard is a collection of input method that each one bind with a keyboard layout.


You don't need to bother about keyboard layout setting, simply search the keyboard layout you want, and add it to input method list. When you switch to it, the keyboard layout will automatically switched.

If you installed corresponding spell checker dict, you can also toggle the word completion with Ctrl+Alt+H. If you want to add current word to the dict, you can use Ctrl+Alt+N. The spell check function have several option, you can set it with configuration tool.

The option including:

  • default enchant backend (Default is aspell, since aspell has better performance)
  • use enter to confirm string (Not enter a return line)
  • input extra space when choose word
  • only display word with same prefix.
  • Toggle hotkey
  • Add to dict hotkey

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